Milestones bundle

Prepare to be a big brother or sister and get ready to start school with confidence

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This book bundle helps your child prepare for the arrival of a new baby and become a courageous schoolkid with practical language, ideas, and strategies from child development

Key points

Ages 2 — 7
Celebrate effort, curiosity, and courage!
Create predictability and familiarity by visiting the school grounds.
Keeping to normal routines helps kids feel secure through times of change.
It’s all about preparation, predictability and feeling engaged in the journey.

For the child

Prepare your child for a new baby’s arrival and starting school by including them in the preparation, helping them understand what’s going to happen, adapt to changes, and learning strategies to cope with big feelings and challenges.

For the grown-ups

Make your tricky job of parenting a whole lot easier with expert advice to help you prepare your child for the milestones of becoming a big sibling and starting school with confidence.

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    • A tough, matt laminated softcover with thick, child-friendly pages.
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    Listen to Hannah talk about starting school on Radio New Zealand

    Watch Suzy Cato read 'Baby on the Way'

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