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5 Questions to Ask Before Your Child Starts School

How do you know if your child is really ready to start school? Here are 5 questions you can think about to help figure out if your child can handle the practical and social demands of joining the school environment. No child will be able to be fully proficient at all of these, and certainly not consistently, but, thinking about them might give you some insight into where they're at. They may show you what areas you can help them develop some new skills, strategies and language to make things easier for them when they do start. 

Is your child ready to start school?

Think about your child and ask yourself ...

  • Is your child able to join in with a group and cooperate with others in play?
  • Can they make sense of others' behaviours and feelings?
  • Can your child think of appropriate solutions when conflict arises?
  • Is your child able to listen to, and follow directions?
  • Will your child be able to communicate with their teacher and classmates?

Want to hear more?

We heard these questions in a great episode from the 'Parental as Anything' podcast with Maggie Dent, author, educator, and parenting and resilience specialist, where she spoke to child and adolescent psychologist, Dr Kaylene Henderson. This episode is full of practical suggestions to help you and your little one through this next big moment. We highly recommend!

Maggie Dent Parental as Anything


Making the tricky job of parenting a little bit easier

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Ready for school book

The My Big Moments Ready for School book helps kids to prepare for starting school, preschool, or transition into a new school environment with confidence. In light of the disruption to orientation weeks for some schools, Ready for School can play a vital role in helping kids feel safe and secure as they head into that unfamiliar school environment. 

The book helps them engage in the preparation process, learn about what to expect and figure out what to do when they need a little extra support. Ready for School helps parents and caregivers open important conversations with their children about their next big moment so they can provide the love and support they need. 

We’ve put this book together with consultation from our child development experts to make the tricky job of parenting that little bit easier. We hope that now, more than ever, it can relieve some of the anxiety of entering into a new and unfamiliar situation as families and schools continue to adapt in the face of major disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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