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How to tell kids the truth about Santa

Kids ask the curliest questions, and almost always without warning. 'Is Santa real?' is one of those doozies! But, we're here to help.

How to Turn Parenting Lemons into Lemonade

Making a mistake is simply that – a mis-take – an indication we need to make a course correction. Seeing mistakes as failures can grind us to a halt, but seeing them as course corrections keep us looking, and moving forward.

Why do crying boys get shamed?

When we can hold space for our boys to express their tears, we show them that their experience of their emotions is valid – they are seen, heard and accepted just as they are.

Boys need to move to feel good

Boys run out of their ‘feel-good’ neurochemical, dopamine, much faster than girls. This means they need to build their levels back up to feel good again – to be able to concentrate and sit still. To build it back up, their bodies need to move.

How do you parent kids on the 'rooster and lamb continuum'?

It’s so powerful to understand your child better; what they need from you as a parent, what competencies they’ll need your help to develop, and how to really connect and communicate with them.

When are boys REALLY ready to start school?

When our little boys turn up in the world as a newborn, the neurological delay that took place during the first trimester as their gender developed, means their brain is slightly behind that of a newborn girl baby.

5 ways to start building resilience in your home

Resiliency is a big, broad term that can be thrown around with frivolous abandon these days. The word seems like a generous garnish of parmesan sprinkled on the pasta of wellbeing! But, while it can be hard to grasp exactly what it means and how it looks in real life, we’d like to be a little more specific. 

How do you bounce back from a tough day?

Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s not all aspirational quotes and gratitude when you’re a parent. Sometimes we totally blow it, lose our cool, lose our sh#t, lose our minds. It happens, we’re human. We’re all just perfectly flawed.

How do you coach siblings through conflict?

Don't jump in too soon. While it’s tempting to jump in and resolve conflict between our kids, with a little bit of time and dialogue we can create an opportunity that teaches them tools for naming their feelings, problem-solving and resolving their differences in the future ...

School holiday trips ... 8 tips to avoid a meltdown

I still remember my parents exclaiming in frustration, “We’ve brought you here to enjoy yourself!” No doubt I would have been mid-whinge about the travel, the activity, the snacks, or any number of things that weren’t meeting my expectations ...

The question we always get asked …

'How did you come up with the idea'? Well, it all started in Spring 2016 with a looong lunch. I (Hannah – that’s me, your Chief Apostrophe Wrangler) was in Sydney for a writing course, so Flicka and I locked in time to sip a little cool rosé, over the warm sands of Bondi ...