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Podcast — ABC Radio Melbourne: Baby talk with Hannah and Nathan Wallis

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"We all have big moments, some exciting and wonderful, some scary and uncertain. As adults we've developed tools to deal with these moments but how do you help your very young children develop the skills to deal with events that may be difficult?

My Big Moments are a series of books developed to give children words and strategies to deal with big emotions. Developed by two New Zealand mothers who wanted to give their children resilience to deal with whatever life threw at them.

This week on Babytalk you'll meet mum and author of the 'My Big Moments' books Hannah Davison who with her children endured the 7.8 magnitude Kaikoura earthquake in New Zealand. Also joining us is Nathan Wallace a Neuroscience educator who comes from a background of working with child trauma as a consultant working on the books, he is talking about the importance of resilience in a child's development.

In this week's podcast you'll hear tips for parents on how to help their children manage the feelings and emotions that come with the big moments in life."