My Big Moments works with a team of experts in child development, psychology, play therapy and neuroscience. 

Practical language, ideas and strategies in the books help you handle your own real-life challenges. 

A little extra help ...

Key messages from our experts are at the back of the book to explain how kids see things differently, what they need, and provide ideas and strategies to help.

Nathan Wallis

Nathan Wallis

Neuroscience Educator

Abby Linn

Abby Linn

Registered Play Specialist and Director of Creative Coping

Practical ideas and activities


In each story characters demonstrate practical language, ideas, activities, and strategies you can use for handling your own real-life challenges.

magic of

Kids love storytime, but there’s a lot more going on. Reading together creates perfect conditions for building brains, relationships, and resilience. Here’s how ...

power of

Personalisation is cute, but it is SO much more. It's a powerful tool to help kids learn and grow. Here’s why it’s so effective ...

Meet the main character Perry

Real-life references

We’re all parents ourselves and understand the need for help that is practical, accessible, and – all the better for being served up in delicious bite-sized chunks! 

My Big Moments is driven by real people, bringing real-life experience to walk with you down the bumpy road of parenthood! We’ve done the research, road-tested ideas, and packaged it up through our books, blog, and social media posts so you can solve your problems before they even start.

My Big Moments Team – Flicka, Marco, Jo and Hannah

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the village

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