Books that help little people 
through big moments

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My Big Moments works with a team of experts in child development, psychology, play therapy and neuroscience.

Practical language, ideas and strategies in the books will help you handle your own real-life challenges.

Nathan Wallis

Neuroscience Educator

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Nathan Wallis is a neuroscience educator, child-development expert and parenting commentator. Known for being a lively and engaging speaker, his events sell-out and he’s a trusted voice on New Zealand TV and radio. Nathan is known for delivering insights using plain language and a good dose of humour. He’s also a dad, foster parent and grandad.

Abby Linn

Registered Play Specialist and Director of Creative Coping

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Abby Linn is a Registered Play Specialist and Director of Creative Coping Limited, with qualifications in Psychology, Child and Adolescent Mental Health. She has worked with children for over 20 years and is a mum to three of her own.


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Untidy is a podcast that's made for the people right at the heart of this steaming hot mess we call parenthood.

This is all about honouring the person within the parent. It’s a space to be unfiltered, unapologetic, and unashamed about what can sometimes be bloody untidy!

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